A Life That Is Unique To Anywhere In The World

A Life That Is Unique To Anywhere In The World

IMG_20160622_094442Kashmir, where beauty opens its arms to make you visit here again and again!

The shikara boat ride at Dal lake, Srinagar is one of the most relaxing and soothing experience of a holiday in Kashmir. Shikaras are long, comfortable boats with soft cushions giving you the most of this unforgettable ride.
What makes your ride even more exciting are the local vendors traveling in their shikaras, alongside your boat, selling traditional kashmir items, the famous kashmiri icecream, fruits, and every other thing which you cannot even find in the local market of Kashmir.

The ride also offers ample opportunity for you to enjoy glimpses of the rich population of bird species in Kashmir. The man-made islands within these lakes comprise of aquatic vegetation, willow rods, and reeds that are held together with humus that comprises of mud taken from the bottom of the lake.

What amazed me most was the vastness of Dal lake. Spread over 15kms, the lake has thousands of houseboats, which is a home for the local communities and also there source of income, as many houseboats have been made into hotels for the tourists. The lake sustains within its periphery, a life that is unique to anywhere in the world. The houseboat and shikara communities have lived for centuries on the Dal, and so complete is their infrastructure on the lake, that they never have to step on land! Doctors, tailors, and bakers – you’ll see them all in tiny wooden shops on the lake.

It was indeed a unique and beautiful experience. – Deshna Jain

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