If I Ever See Her Again I Will Apologize

If I Ever See Her Again I Will Apologize

Humans of Photography 16“I was once told by a friend in high school – a million years ago – that she thought I might make a good photographer later in life. Her comment upset me. At that time, I thought there was no skill or thoughtfulness in the art of photography and I took it as an insult. I mean you just take pictures right? I swear if I ever see her again I will apologize.

Photography, for me, provides the only true way to time travel. It allows one to pause and reminisce in a way nothing else does. The girl in this image, “Z” was captured during a family session with her parents and three sisters. As we took a break from shooting, I called her name and she glanced back at me with this smile. This image is one of my favorites from that session; It provides a permanent reminder of Z’s youth and innocence at that very moment.

To those starting out: keep shooting. Everyday. Allow your art to capture the thoughtful nature of life going on around you and freeze it in time.” – Robert Arden (@sebastian_arden

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